The Lost Villages

An Oral History of Miners' Rows and Deindustrialisation in East Ayrshire, Scotland.

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Stories from the Rows – Thank You for Coming Along!

Glenbuck – Revisited, September 2022

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Our first stage of the project is to research the background of the villages. In particular, we are hunting for images, film or existing testimonies. This is a tricky time to start a new project with the archives being closed, so we are currently restricted to an online search for any materials that we can find on the villages of Benquhat, Glenbuck, Burnfoothill, Commondyke, Lethanhill and Darnconner.

Map of Benquhat
Ordinance Survey Map Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

As our project focuses on the lives of those living in the villages we are particularly interested in pictures with people in them. We want to find out more about social life and community in the villages.

In addition, we are beginning to recruit volunteers to the project. If you are interested to hear what we are up to please get in touch with our researcher Dr Yvonne McFadden