The Lost Villages

An Oral History of Miners' Rows and Deindustrialisation in East Ayrshire, Scotland.

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Lost Villages on the BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Time Travels’

Our project researcher Dr Yvonne McFadden was a guest on BBC Radio Scotland’s Time Travels in July. Hosted by Susan Morrison, the show has lots covers lots of different stories from Scotland’s past and well worth a listen.

In the show, Dr McFadden talked about the living conditions in the villages and told some of the stories from our oral testimonies about the work of women in the miner’s rows.

We are still looking for stories about the villages of Lethanhill and Burnfoothill, Benquhat (or Benwhat), Darnconner, Commondyke and Glenbuck. If you lived in the villages or have stories from family who came from villages, please get in touch

You can listen to the show until the 6th September 2021.

Link to BBC Time Travels (play from 20:45)

You can also listen to Dr McFadden on talking about her own research on post-war kitchens. Link to post-war kitchens podcast