The Lost Villages

An Oral History of Miners' Rows and Deindustrialisation in East Ayrshire, Scotland.

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New Song about Benquhat (Benwhat)

Illustration with half of the picture in as a black and white drawing of some houses with  someone playing football in the background. The other half is green and only show the grass and a war memorial.

Just released last month, musician Seán Gray has been working in collaboration with Scots poet Rab Wilson to put Rab’s poems about mining in Ayrshire to music. The song is called ‘Ghaists’ and can be listened to though Spotify. Link to Ghaists

Rab’s poems are written in Scots and are moving and powerful reflections on mining in Ayrshire and what that loss means to the communities. If you would like to hear more of Rab’s poetry, we highly recommend this documentary ‘Finding the Seam’. This film follows Rab’s creative journey taking us to meet some of the places and people which have inspired his work. You can hear Rab read ‘Ghaists’ at Benquhat surrounded the monument and rubble of the rows. We also meet the ‘Great Stariski’ at the Barony A Frame from Rab’s poem. Seán has also put this one to music you can listen to the ‘Great Stariski’ here

You can hear Seán live on September 4th at the 13th Note in Glasgow.

If you have a story to add to the rich history of life of the Ayrshire rows of our villages please get in touch.